About Stephen D. Lewis

"Let's finish the work so that we can go home."

Stephen D. Lewis is an evangelist, pastor and energetic speaker who inspires global audiences on the futility of self and fulfilling life’s purpose by resting in Jesus Christ. He understands what it means to be saved by grace. That understanding is clearly seen in his passion for Christ and his love for people.

In 1991, Lewis began holding public evangelistic crusades called The Present Truth. Now, almost 30 years later, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Lewis has baptized and led thousands of people to God in repentance, empowering them to abide in Christ through faith in Him as their Savior.

Lewis is the featured speaker of the television and radio program, The Present Truth, which is nationally broadcast around the world. Stephen is happily married to Kshama, his best friend, lover and companion in ministry. Together, their interest and aim is to finish the work “so that we can go home!”